Vacuum system

Ever increasing demands are being placed on the final products when using molding production based on granulated foam plastics. It will thus be even more important to manufacture more efficiently in the future. Behl GmbH has made an important contribution in this regard with the development of the Motorless Vacuum System.

The new manufacturing method provides particularly dry products and thus dramatically shortens drying time. In some cases, a trying tunnel can even be completely skipped. In addition, energy savings are supported by the possibility of removing many molded parts from the mold with a vacuum, entirely without the use of compressed air. This makes manufacturing in times of high raw materials and energy prices much cheaper.

The Motorless Vacuum System makes exclusive use of the steam needed for fusion of the molded parts. No additional energy is required.


  • Generating a rich vacuum without any additional energy input
  • no electrical power needed for vacuum pumps
  • no maintenance of vacuum pumps
  • especially dry moldings and high surface quality
  • transferring with vacuum and ejecting without air
  • transferring with AZA with vacuum possible for most mouldings